WGA Private Lesson Policy

Updated Private/Group Lessons Policy: Windsor Gymnastics, Inc.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons are defined as an individual or small group lesson with a coach or instructor employed by Windsor Gymnastics, Inc. outside of the athletes regularly scheduled class.

Effective March 6th, 2023 the following changes to WGA’s Private Lessons have taken effect:

1- All billing for private lessons will now be run through the office & the gymnast’s Parent Portal account via Windsor Gymnastics, Inc.

2- Athletes must be currently enrolled in a class at WGA, have OPTED-IN to RECURRING BILLING (via a credit card saved in your Parent Portal account) & current on all financial commitments in order to be eligible to participate in a private lesson.

3- Coaches and clients involved in private lessons will still be held to all Windsor Gymnastics, Inc. regulations in accordance with the current CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention Policy) policy. At least 2 adults (including coach) are required to be in the facility at all times.

4- Pay scale of private lessons below.

5- All clients will continue to schedule private lessons directly with WGA coaches, or email the front office to request assistance with scheduling a private lesson.

Private Lesson Cost for Athletes Currently Enrolled:

Private Lessons will be billed at the following rates for active members of WGA:

Preschool/Recreational/X-League Coach= $48/hour

XCEL/USAG Team Coach= $65/hour

Confirmation and Payment

Payment will be charged to the client’s account that received the private lesson. The credit card the client has saved to their Parent Portal will be the method of payment WGA will use to procure Private Lesson fees. Payment for Private Lessons will be remitted the Monday after your Private Lesson.

Spectators During Private Lessons

Parents, siblings, family members, or any guests of the gymnast wishing to view the private lesson are not permitted on the gym floor area when the private lesson is in session. Spectators are only authorized to be in the upstairs viewing area for the entire duration of the private lesson.

If there are no other classes or privates running simultaneously to your gymnast’s scheduled private lesson, a parent or guardian 18+ must stay the entire duration of the private lesson in the upstairs viewing room per CAPP. If there are other adults, classes or coaches present in the gym- you may drop off your athlete and pick them back up after the private lesson concludes.

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